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Easing The Healthcare System By 10x

An AI Healthcare Designed To Work for You

First Outcomes is an AI technology that has the ability to completely change how your practice functions. It serves as a powerful multilingual assistant to the team members at doctor's offices and hospitals. It relieves their workload by taking care of routine tasks and providing patients with optimized assistance.

Patients get the most personalized attention when and where they need it the most. Outcomes are secured. Operating costs reduced. And staffing issues end.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Our artificial intelligence system provides users with complete insights and data that they can use to improve their business.

  • Enterprise Scalability

    We are able to adjust to changes in seasonality or permanent growth very quickly. No matter the traffic, you can count on us to be there for you.

Dinesh Gambhir, PhD
Founder and President

Machine Learning and AI to Make Healthcare Better

Many talk about AI changing healthcare. They throw out terms like ML, RPA, NLU, etc. With First Outcomes, the AI soup is boiled down to a straightforward concept - Digital Employees.
Digital Employees are AI powered automation that free care teams from hours of toggling between systems, answering the phone, and updating systems.
The AI Automations run in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. First Outcomes manages the ML, RPA, and NLU that powers the Digital Employees, constantly tweaking the AI technology. The result is rapid deployment, no IT stress, and continuous improvement. This AI technology improves healthcare delivery without burdening neither staff nor IT.

See How It Works
Authenticate Callers

We use AI to identify callers and verify their identity. This helps to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access their account.

View Patient History

Our AI can check a patient's history and recommend a doctor or appointments based on that information.

Prescription Refills

Our AI powered digital employees can help your patients refill their prescriptions without return visits to the office.

Dozens of Other Uses

First Outcomes can also help with other parts of your workflow such as patient registration and collecting payments. We can help your practice become more efficient in all of your continuing interactions with patients.

88% of Patients Call to Make Appointments, Ask For Prescription Refills, and Make Payments. With First Outcomes AI Every Call Gets Answered


Seamless Integrations

We integrate with EHRs, Revenue Cycle, Practice Management, and CRM systems including Epic Systems, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, CureMD, Salesforce.com And Oracle Systems.

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