Automate 82% of your Administrative and clinical work.

First Outcomes AI Platform completely changes how your practice functions. It serves as a powerful multilingual assistant to the team members at doctor’s offices and hospitals. It relieves their workload by taking care of routine tasks and providing patients with optimized assistance. 

The Future of

Healthcare Automation

First Outcomes  is an AI technology company that has the ability to completely change how your practice functions. It serves as a powerful multilingual assistant to the team members at doctor’s offices and hospitals. It relieves their workload by taking care of routine tasks and providing patients with optimized assistance.

Scheduling / Rescheduling

Facilitate autonomous appointment scheduling for patients through our advanced platform.

Empower individuals to seamlessly book appointments with AI voice assistants, eliminating the necessity for direct engagement with front desk personnel.

Patient Liability Payments

Facilitate autonomous appointment verification for patients through our cutting-edge platform.

Our AI voice assistants efficiently confirm appointments with patients, mitigating the potential for no-shows that may arise from extended phone wait times.

Prescription Refills

Empower our patients with the capability for
self-service prescription refill requests through our innovative platform.

Our AI voice assistants adeptly collect essential information for the seamless reordering of prescription refills, streamlining the process and submitting the gathered information for physician approval.

Follow-up / Wellness Check

Experience seamless management of patient appointments with our AI voice assistants.

These advanced systems efficiently gather updates from patient calls and automatically synchronize the information with EHR systems. This ensures a streamlined process, allowing patients to effortlessly manage their appointments. 

An AI Healthcare
Designed to
Work for You

Introducing First Outcomes, a groundbreaking AI technology poised to revolutionize the operational dynamics of your medical practice. This powerful multilingual assistant is designed to enhance the efficiency of your team members in doctor’s offices and hospitals. By seamlessly handling routine tasks, First Outcomes not only alleviates the workload on your staff but also delivers optimized assistance to patients.
Experience new era of personalized patient care, ensuring that they receive the attention they need, precisely when and where it matters most. With First Outcomes, outcomes are secured, operating costs are minimized, and staffing challenges become a thing of the past. Elevate the performance of your practice with cutting edge AI technology.

Data-Driven Insights

Elevate your business with our sophisticated artificial intelligence system, offering users comprehensive insights and data to enhance their operational strategies and drive improvement.

Enterprise Scalability

Adapting swiftly to shifts in seasonality or sustained growth, our platform ensures seamless responsiveness. Regardless of the volume of traffic, you can rely on our steadfast commitment to be there for your needs.

Machine Learning & AI to make Healthcare Better

Unlock the transformative potential of AI in healthcare with First Outcomes. Amidst the complexity of AI jargon such as ML, RPA, and NLU, our approach simplifies the landscape into a singular, powerful concept – Digital Employees.

These AI-powered automations liberate care teams from the tedious tasks of system navigation, call handling, and manual updates. Operating on the cloud through Amazon Web Services, our AI Automations, managed by First Outcomes, seamlessly incorporate ML, RPA, and NLU technologies to empower Digital Employees. This ensures rapid deployment, alleviating IT concerns and fostering continuous improvement.

Experience enhanced healthcare delivery without imposing additional burdens on staff or IT resources. First Outcomes paves the way for a streamlined, efficient, and stress-free integration of AI technology into healthcare systems.

88% of Patients Call to Make Appointments, Ask for Prescription Refills, and Make Payments

Optimize your practice’s responsiveness with First Outcomes AI – Ensuring every call is promptly addressed. Elevate the efficiency of all ongoing patient interactions with our tailored solutions.

Authenticate Callers

Authenticate Callers

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we employ advanced identification processes to verify callers and authenticate their identity. This robust system guarantees that only authorized individuals have secure access to their accounts.

Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills

Experience the convenience of our AI-powered digital employees, facilitating prescription refills for your patients without the need for additional office visits.

View Patient History

View Patient History

Leverage our AI capabilities to analyze a patient’s medical history and provide tailored recommendations for an optimal choice of doctor or appointment.

Dozens of Other Uses

Dozens of Other Uses

First Outcomes extends its support to various facets of your workflow, encompassing seamless assistance with patient registration and streamlined payment collection processes.

Value Based Care

Value Based Care

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payments is a transformative journey. 

Multimodal Ai

First Outcomes Is A Multimodal Ai

Voice AI + Vision AI + RPA

Seamless Integrations

Our seamless integration extends to key healthcare systems, including EHRs, Revenue Cycle, Practice Management, and CRM systems. Our compatibility spans renowned platforms such as Epic Systems, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, CureMD,, and Oracle Systems.

Effortless Efficiency:

Navigating heavy phone call volumes is a commonplace challenge in healthcare, affecting both small practices and large health systems. However, managing such call volumes proves to be challenging, particularly due to widespread labor shortages, especially in call centers and practice front desks, a trend exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. Consequently, over a third of patients opt to disconnect after enduring prolonged wait times on hold.
Elevate the Standard of Patient Care with AI Call Automation
Our Voice Conversational AI and End-to-End Intelligent Automation solutions provide a transformative approach to addressing these challenges.

 Elevate Patient Care with AI Call Automation

Unlock Healthcare Efficiency!

Dive into our latest case study showcasing how AI technology revolutionized a multi-practice group’s call center, reducing costs by 80% and improving patient satisfaction.

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