AI Patient Service Representatives & AI Digital Agents

First Outcomes AI Patient Service Representatives (PSRs) and AI Digital Agents supercharge healthcare front desks, call centers, and mid-office. 

The AI PSRs and AI Digital Agents offload incoming calls for appointments, prescription refills, and payments from staff and provide patients with optimized care.

AI PSRs and Digital Agents speak Spanish and English, work 24 X 7, and scale with demand, so that there is never a wait to talk with an AI PSR or Digital Agent in the patient’s language. 


Instantly Answered Calls


Faster Handle Time


First Call Resolution


Cost Reduction

Revolutionizing Healthcare

with Automation

First Outcomes  is an AI technology company that has the ability to completely change how your practice functions. It serves as a powerful multilingual assistant to the team members at doctor’s offices and hospitals. It relieves their workload by taking care of routine tasks and providing patients with optimized assistance.

Appointment Scheduling

First Outcomes AI PSRs answer the phone with no delays. They give patients a seamless experience with accurate and efficient appointment scheduling while maintaining a patient-centered approach.

Prescription Refills

AI PSRs gather all necessary information required to refill prescriptions from the patient and submit it for physical approval slashing prescription processing costs. 

Patient Payments

AI PSRs automatically calls patients to notify them of outstanding payments and provides a convenient payment experience for copays, deductibles, coinsurances, and cash payments.

Post-Procedure & Discharge Flow

First Outcomes AI Patient Service Representatives (PSRs) deliver continuous and personalized check-in calls, post procedure and after hospital discharge, to monitor recovery and overall wellness.

Why First Outcomes

Most AI systems that make or answer phone calls only use Voice AI. But talking isn’t the only way people communicate in healthcare. At First Outcomes, we know this and have created a new solution: Unified AI. 

Unified AI uses both Voice AI and Vision AI to handle 90% of front and mid-office tasks. For example, our AI can process referral forms without any help from people. Then, it contacts the patient to schedule a visit with the doctor. With our patient intake feature, patients can take a picture of their ID and Insurance Card, and our AI fills out your practices’ EMR intake forms and checks eligibility. This makes wait times shorter and the patient experience better. 

First Outcomes’ fast and accurate Unified AI processes make the patient experience better and more precise. No other company offers this kind of AI automation. 

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Case Study: Unlock Healthcare Efficiency!

A New York-based Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) significantly improved its operations after implementing First Outcomes’ AI technology. The AI reduced call hold times from 4 minutes to 4 seconds and efficiently managed appointments, eligibility verification, and cancellations. This advancement streamlined staffing, enhanced patient access, and boosted overall patient satisfaction, while reducing overall administrative costs by 80%.

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