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The Future of Healthcare is Here

Creating AI-powered healthcare

First Outcomes was founded by engineers, product managers, and entrepreneurs with 50 years of combined experience in healthcare operations and software. Our mission is to ensure social equity in healthcare.

We believe every patient should have easy access to healthcare. That paperwork never encumbers care, and that technology enables access to care and allows healthcare staff to work at the top of their license instead of working as data entry operators.

First Outcomes serves as a powerful multilingual Healthcare AI assistant to the team members at doctor's offices and hospitals. It relieves their workload by taking care of routine tasks and providing patients with optimized assistance. The result is improved patient satisfaction, higher revenue streams, better staff retention, and overall efficiency. With 10x better performance and 100% customer satisfaction, we present to you the future of healthcare and your business.

Why Choose Us

Automate your clinic’s back office, so you can focus on what matters most.


Let your patients control their scheduling experience.

Most patients prefer to call to make their appointments, and with First Outcomes, you can allow your patients to schedule appointments however and whenever they like. Your scheduling will never miss a beat and your patients will be able to take control of their experience. Your staff will be happier, physicians relieved, and your practice can finally start to resemble the smooth-running operation you’ve always hoped for.

Operational efficiency in healthcare to provide quality patient care.

Improving operational efficiency in healthcare can mean the difference between life and death for patients, which is why it's so important for hospitals and other medical facilities to have a good system in place. By powering operational efficiency with multilingual AI equipped healthcare, hospitals can make sure that they're able to provide the best possible care for their

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