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Administrative AI portrays a more realistic picture of Healthcare AI. 

The excitement around Healthcare AI was palpable when it first emerged. There was no way the world would not be excited about prospects of cancer detection or diabetes prediction before it occurred. Over the last few years, however, for all practical purposes, such abilities of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare have been restricted to research laboratories. Eventually, AI is going to revolutionize every aspect of the Healthcare industry, but for now, it is becoming valuable in the administrative field for handling low-value tasks. At First Outcomes, we are committed to building effective artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector. Our aim is to create solutions that are practicable and implementable right away. 

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Statistics support the argument about investment in administrative AI. On average, the United States spends $2,497 per capita per year on healthcare administration which is over one-third of the overall healthcare costs. A major chunk of resources that should be going towards improving your practice is being occupied by administration costs. These are costs that can easily be saved by onboarding the First Outcomes digital employee.

To give you an example of the existing problem, patients dropping their calls due to lengthy waiting periods is a major problem for every health care provider. Outdated technology, such as pre-recorded Phone Tree responses, is not able to give patients a proper and interactive experience when they approach a healthcare organization. An in-house human resource is vulnerable to fatigue and human error and can only handle a limited number of calls which is a problem in a sector that has calls around the clock. These problems persist despite high spending on automation techniques. The need of the hour is an interactive Artificial Intelligence service that can communicate and understand the needs of the customers and answer them accordingly. This is the motivation of the First Outcomes automation AI

It is also important to state that AI will replace human employees. The Healthcare AI 2023 is meant to provide providers with an option that will allow them to use their human resources in a better manner. This will actually help your practice get the most out of its administrative expenses and increase productivity. First Outcomes AI will help your healthcare practice optimize its human resources and never let a call drop while we give your patients the best experience in the healthcare industry. 

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