AI Call Automation

Heavy phone call volume is an everyday occurrence for healthcare, from small practices to large health systems. Handling the phone volume, though, is difficult. Labor shortages have been widespread since the pandemic, especially in call centers and practice front desks.

As a result, more than a third of patients hang up after waiting on hold for multiple minutes.

First Outcomes’ Advanced AI Call Agent solution fills this gap. First Outcomes’ Advanced AI Agent answers the phone and handles scheduling changes, prescription refill requests, and bill payments. It prevents call abandonment, provides 24/7 access to clinics, increases patient satisfaction, and speaks Spanish and English.

Voice Conversational AI

IVRs rely on menus and pre-programmed responses, frustrating patients. Advanced AI Call Agents use AI that understands and speaks in natural language, Conversational AI. Callers can thus converse with the Advanced AI Call Agents, just as they do with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Thus, the call experience becomes more enjoyable and better.

End to End Intelligent Automation

In healthcare, setting up an appointment involves more than adding an entry to a calendar. Scheduling rules must be followed, insurance validated against provider accepted insurances, patient eligibility checked, and outstanding balances collected. Advanced AI Call Agents use a set of technologies known as Intelligent Automation to connect with all relevant systems and automate the entire set of activities, offloading front desks and back-offices of these tasks. Reducing the need to hire additional staff to handle increasing patient volumes.

Use Cases

  • Scheduling
  • Prescription Refills
  • Payments
  • Repetitive queries, e.g., visiting hours
Advanced Heading
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