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AI Front Office Automation

Most patients are familiar with the check-in clipboard or the increasingly ubiquitous iPad. However, a receptionist’s task is more complex than just handing a form or iPad to the patient. It includes checking patient eligibility, ensuring required Prior Authorizations and referrals are in place, collecting past due balances and co-pays, updating patient consents, verifying that data on the check-in clipboard or iPad is correct, changing the patient status to checked-in, and still more steps.  Accomplishing these activities requires looking at multiple screens and multiple systems quickly, is stressful and takes time.

First Outcomes Advanced AI Receptionist offloads these tasks from the receptionist using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.  


RPA is a set of computer interaction technologies that manipulate computer screens the same way a human would while following process-based rules to accomplish a specific task. In this case, the process-based rules followed are for the patient check-in task.

Why RPA? Much of the information necessary for patient registration and check-in is unavailable via conventional integration technologies such as Application User Interfaces.  RPA is the only way to get information and process it. 



First Outcomes Advanced AI Receptionist increases staff capacity. Patients are happy as they can immediately see the doctor, there are no front office formalities. Financial results improve as both past due balances and co-pays are correctly collected. 

The entire office runs smoothly.  

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