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Can Chat GPT be useful in the Healthcare AI sector?

Researchers and companies have been working on using Artificial Intelligence to solve healthcare problems for some time. AI models have been trained on medical journals to help doctors make diagnostic decisions based on symptoms and scans. ChatGPT has been trained on enough medical information that it can pass a medical licensing exam. However, the embrace […]

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Will Healthcare AI Companies Replace Humans?

Healthcare AI is the next step in the evolution of global healthcare. The need for healthcare AI was brought about by the pandemic which took the world by storm as it made the world aware of the need for a 24×7 healthcare solution and a need for healthcare workers. In the post-pandemic world, the demand […]

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Why do we need Healthcare AI

Healthcare AI is the next step in this evolution and its adoption isn’t just inevitable but also imminent. In Today’s world is a highly competitive one with innovation and evolution being at the forefront of every business and ever industry’s success. The healthcare industry isn’t any different from the other industries as people out there […]

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