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Call Automation Is Fast Making IVR’s Redundant

Every customer experience starts from the first impression that a customer gets of a caregiver. The first impression for a patient in the healthcare industry is usually the IVR technology which is where the customer communicates with the healthcare organization. However, over the years IVR has proven to be a bit of a disappointment. The First Outcomes call automation is an option which is interactive and has natural conversations providing a personalized experience to the customer.

Advantages offered by the First Outcomes Call Automation as against the conventional IVRs are :

Lower rates of abandonment – The IVRs are long and not interactive and the customers are asked to hold the call for a long time till the executive is free to answer. This leads to abandonments on the customer end and causes massive loss of opportunity

Personal and Conversational – The IVRs are interactive but they are not conversational or personalized. The First Outcomes Ai can hold a conversation with the customer in the most natural and logical way. It can help the customer answer all the relevant questions. Having a conversation with the First Outcomes AI is like talking to a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Accuracy and Efficiency – The IVR is prone to errors such as inaccurate transfers and inefficient handoffs. These are errors which can be easily avoided with the help of a First Outcomes AI.

Human Resources utilization – With front office automation and call automation, the healthcare providers can use their human resources in treatment of patients which is their core line of work.

Cost Saving – Through all the above advantages, the healthcare providers can save on costs that would otherwise have gone towards the running cost of an IVR system. It also includes the cost of all the lost opportunities due to abandoned calls which may have converted into potential customers.

The entire First Outcomes AI process is as simple in its execution as it is complex in its creation. The research and development behind the AI helps customers get the best experience and it also creates repeat consumers.

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If you are still employing an IVR system in the Healthcare AI 2023 world, you are losing out on some valuable business. The time is now to not just be competing with other industry players but being one significant step ahead of the curve.

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