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Healthcare AI 2023 Vs Healthcare AI 2021

The world of healthcare has seen a paradigm shift in the last few years with a pandemic and consequent efforts to tackle the pandemic creating an opportunity in the form of Artificial intelligence in healthcare. First outcomes has been at the forefront of this evolution with its interactive Ai technology. In this article,  we take a brief look at how healthcare ai 2023 has evolved from healthcare ai 2021.

1. interactive AI

The healthcare AI in 2023 is a lot more interactive and has the ability to interact with the customers as if they were talking to a human. This is a major development as they can now replace the mundane answering machines and give customers an enhanced experience. With the pandemic it was clear that situations can arise where there is a need for a substitute for the human resources and over the course of the last two years as the healthcare artificial industry has got time to evolve, companies like First Outcomes have come up with solutions which can create digital employees that can interact with the customers in a way that humans can. This is a major development for the healthcare ai in 2023.

2. Applications

With ai becoming more advanced, it is now being used for performing even more tasks. The First outcomes healthcare can he used for applications such as

Appointment scheduling – The customers can call and book their appointments now directly by talking to a digital employee and scheduling their appointments. 

Follow up calls. – Artificial intelligence in healthcare can help the healthcare professionals to follow up with their patients and understand if the course that is being followed for treatment is working well .

Payment and rescheduling – Payment is a major hiccup which is faced by the healthcare professionals as it is a space where a skilled human resource has to perform a task of follow-up. The artificial intelligence can help in making sure that the task gets performed without the requirement of any human interference.

3. Augmenting human resources

The artificial intelligence has now helped in automation of many human processes. The first outcomes ai is perfectly capable of responding to a customer and providing customized solutions. This has helped healthcare companies in using their human resources in more important and technical matters where their skill can be used better.

Healthcare AI 2021 was the foundation stone of what is now a prominent building. Healthcare AI 2023 will be important in shaping it into a skyscraper and a giant in the healthcare space. At first outcomes, we provide companies with a wholesome solution

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