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Healthcare AI Applications That Are Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence has been spearheading a tectonic shift in the healthcare industry as artificial intelligence provides a round the clock service where no human resource is utilized. With the growth in research and development, the world of Artificial intelligence is also evolving as the world of AI takes the driver’s seat in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry at this point is at a crossroads of an evolution which is going to see applications and use cases for AI develop increasingly in the coming years. First Outcomes is motoring that shift along as some of the Healthcare AI applications which we provide are as follows.

1. AI Digital Phone Agent

Healthcare is a domain where call volumes are increasing by every passing day. People are becoming self-aware and are moving towards healthcare services for detection of a potential illness and for remedial action in case an issue arises. The huge number of calls is leading to a shortage of skilled human resource and technology like the pre-recorded IVRs and other services which are pre-programmed are obsolete and incapable of solving the customer issues. The First Outcomes AI is a solution which is available 24×7 and is capable of holding a conversation with the customer. The AI solves the problem of human error and fatigue and can handle high volume of calls therefore leading to better customer satisfaction. The AI also understands inputs and is highly capable of answering questions of the customers like a voice assistant tool would. It specifically helps in solving repetitive queries and carrying out tasks like Prescription refills, scheduling and payments. This helps companies in saving significant costs and delivering best services to your customers.

2. AI Front Office Automation

Front office formalities are painful for the customers particularly if they are at a critical time of need. The patients need to see the doctor immediately and do not want to go through a receptionist and layers of authorization and eligibility before seeing the doctor. It is also an arduous task for the healthcare companies to maintain a front office team and pay them for work which can easily be replaced by technology. The First Outcomes Advanced AI Receptionist is an answer to all your front office worries. It uses the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to process information and carry out checks and authorizations and help the companies reduce their human resource burden. In what is a significant additional benefit for the healthcare provider, it helps in improving financial results as it can keep a track of co-pays and balances.

The above healthcare ai use cases provided by First Outcomes are classic examples of how the Healthcare ai is evolving and how it is going to take the industry by storm in the coming years. For more information, please checkout our site. – Click here

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