Streamline patient onboarding and improve clinic efficiency with our intuitive digital forms. Say goodbye to paperwork, ensure accurate data capture, and enhance the patient experience.

Revolutionize Patient Onboarding with
First Outcomes' Registration & Intake Solution

Streamline your patient onboarding process and enhance clinic efficiency with First Outcomes’ AI Registration and Intake solution. Our AI PSRs revolutionize intake by transitioning from traditional form-filling to a modern approach where patients take pictures of their driver’s licenses, insurance cards and it automatically fills the form. Even older patients can navigate the process effortlessly, with forms easily completed on mobile devices. No more waiting rooms; no more cumbersome paperwork.

Seamless Patient Onboarding

Efficient Onboarding

Say goodbye to paperwork. Our AI PSRs intake process saves time for both patients and staff.

Accurate Data Capture

Ensure data accuracy from the start. First Outcomes’ AI interface guides patients through the intake process, minimizing errors.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Make a positive first impression. Our user-friendly platform provides a seamless intake experience, improving patient satisfaction.

Immediate Eligibility Checking

Patients get to know in real time if their insurance is accepted by the provider.  

Our values

Our core values are the foundation of our success

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